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Vast Majority of Gun Owners Would Defy Ban, Poll Shows

by Alex Newman, The New American  |  published on February 3, 2013

If the government were to pass an unconstitutional law purporting to ban firearms, two thirds of Americans with guns in their household say they would defy the lawless legislation and refuse to comply, according to a recent poll conducted by Fox News. Even the majority of Democrat and liberal gun owners would refuse to surrender their weapons, the survey revealed. Most Americans also believe that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens — not gun bans — would help reduce crime.

The Fox poll interviewed more than 1,000 registered voters in mid-January on a wide range of issues, most of which were related to firearms and the Second Amendment. According to the results, more than half of all respondents said there was at least one gun in their household — and the numbers have been steadily rising over previous years. Another five percent did not know whether there were guns in their home, or they were not willing to answer the question.

Among the 52 percent of respondents who admitted to having a gun in their household, the overwhelming majority said they would defy any “law” purporting to require the surrender of firearms. An astonishing two thirds said outright that they would defy the unconstitutional pretended act of legislation. Some 13 percent were not sure, and just 22 percent said they would give up their guns or submit.

Breaking down the numbers by political affiliation also provided some interesting insight into the attitudes of Americans. In all, 70 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of self-identified conservatives would refuse to hand over their weapons. More surprisingly, perhaps, were the figures for those on the left: According to the survey, more than half of Democrats and almost 60 percent of self-styled liberals would defy any potential gun ban.

Other interesting results from the survey include the American people’s thoughts on whether tougher infringements on the Second Amendment would help prevent tragedies such as the Newtown school shooting. Less than one fourth of respondents thought more gun control could help stop such violence, while more than 70 percent said people intent on mass murder would always be able to find guns. About five percent thought new laws might help, but that mass murderers would still find ways to wreak havoc.

Breaking down the results by political affiliation provided further evidence that extremist politicians in Washington and some state capitals are way out of touch with mainstream America — not to mention the Constitution they took an oath to uphold. Consider, for example, that just over a third of Democrats thought tougher infringements on the right to keep and bear arms could help stop tragedies such as the massacre at Newtown. Almost 60 percent said they thought mass murderers would always be able to find guns. Less surprising, perhaps, only seven percent of Republicans thought more gun restrictions could help prevent such tragedies.

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