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‘THE SMOKING GUN’: Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg

The term “abortion” was added to a “blacklist” file for “controversial YouTube queries,” which contains a list of search terms that the company considers sensitive. According to the leak, these include some of these search terms related to: abortion, abortions, the Irish abortion referendum, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and anti-gun activist David Hogg. The existence of the blacklist was revealed… READ MORE

Google’s Sundar Pichai was grilled on privacy, data collection, and China during congressional hearing

It was Sundar Pichai’s turn in the congressional hot seat. Google’s CEO testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday for 3.5 hours while lawmakers grilled him on a wide range of issues, including potential political bias on the company’s platforms, its plans for a censored search app in China and its privacy practices. This is the first time Pichai… READ MORE

DARPA Builds Search Engine To Dig Deep Into Web

by Laurie Sullivan,  |  published on February 17, 2014
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a project to build a search engine and technologies that will index and organize publicly available information found deep in the Web, the parts not typically indexed by Google and Bing and other commercial engines. The Memex project, an abbreviation for memory and index, will consist of tools to support… READ MORE

Open Letter to Obama and Congress From Internet Giants Calls For Reining In Government Surveillance

by Ronald Bailey |
Published on December 9, 2013
Today, eight leading internet companies have published in several major newspapers an open letter to President Barack Obama and to Members of Congress urging them… READ MORE

Rules Shielding Online Data From N.S.A. and Other Prying Eyes Advance in Europe

by JAMES KANTER, The New York Times
Published on October 22, 2013

BRUSSELS — A panel of European Union lawmakers on Monday night backed a measure that could require American companies like Google and Yahoo to seek… READ MORE

European watchdogs order Google to rewrite privacy policy or face legal action

by Charles Arthur, Guardian UK
Published on July 5, 2013

Privacy watchdogs in the UK, Germany and Italy have told Google to rewrite its privacy policy in Europe or face legal sanctions, 15 months after… READ MORE

Google’s Waze Buy Hints At Major Tech Shifts That Will Impact 2016’s Presidential Election

by Ralph Benko, Forbes
Published on June 17, 2013

Google’s acquisition of Waze hints at decisive digital technology shifts for the next presidential election. The RNC has hired a young new Chief Technology Officer,… READ MORE

The Market for Online Privacy Is Broken

by By Brendan Greeley,
Published on June 13, 2013

Yesterday, Google (GOOG) asked Attorney General Eric Holder for permission to publish the number of national security requests it receives through the FISA court, as… READ MORE

Google MUST hand over sensitive details for thousands of users to FBI – even without a warrant

Published on June 6, 2013

Google must comply with the FBI’s warrantless demands for large amounts of customer data, a federal judge has ruled. In a ruling written May 20… READ MORE
Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul Talks Tech, Civil Liberties, and Keeping the Government Out of Your Email

Published on June 1, 2013

Rand Paul is having some problems with the jerks back at the office. So today he’s bypassing them on a road trip through Silicon Valley.… READ MORE

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