Judge Andrew Napolitano

Defend Liberty, Draft Judge Napolitano For President In 2016

by Lawrence Hunter, Forbes  |  published on December 6, 2012

Although Ron Paul has yet to be specific about what’s next for him, it is highly unlikely he will run for president again. So then, what’s next for the Liberty Movement now that it won’t have presidential candidate Ron Paul to hug anymore?

Revolution PAC’s maxim is, “Beyond The Man Is The Movement.” But in politics, every movement must have a captain at the helm or it becomes rudderless. Right now, the Liberty Movement is without a skipper and essentially adrift without Ron Paul’s firm hand on the tiller, which makes it ripe for a hostile takeover by the Republican political establishment. Don’t forget V.I. Lenin’s dictum, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

The Liberty Movement does not require a visionary helmsman to run recklessly before the wind in delusory hope of arriving early to presidential port in 2016. It must lead the country, which means not only being ahead of the country but also having the patience and perspicacity to wait upon the country to follow it—all in good time.

The Movement that Ron Paul built lacks only a true and steady successor to hoist sails and steer it on its way, plugging his ears to the siren song of the Republican Establishment that would lure him onto the shoals of partisan accommodation. The Liberty movement cannot afford to run its own libertarian version of Mitt Romney or the Georges Bush in the false hope of an early, Pyrrhic victory. That is not to say the right Liberty candidate could not win the presidency in 2016, he may; it is to say, if he cannot win in 2016 without compromising on principle, it is because the winds are not yet favorable for a true Liberty candidate to reach the White House before 2020. The next Liberty-Movement candidate, therefore, must be prepared to give the run his all, fight like a tiger to the end but also be willing, if necessary, to accept a strategic defeat to position the movement to win the next time around. This will require a long-term investment, both by the candidate and by his backers.

This is why Revolution PAC intends to organize a grass-roots campaign to draft Judge Andrew Napolitano as the Liberty Movement’s new helmsman, a man who really could win on principle in 2016 and who everyone in the Movement, and many people outside it, can rally round enthusiastically.

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